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Arc and arbnco share a philosophy of putting people at the heart of building performance. Using human-centric sensing and interactive engagement tools, arbnco’s arbn well service automates data flows and streamlines data collection for Arc users.

Arc platform

Arc is a technology platform that was established to help create better buildings and places for people and the environment. Arc empowers its users to understand and enhance their sustainability performance, promote human health and wellbeing and contribute to a higher quality of life. The platform allows buildings, city and community projects to collect data, manage and benchmark progress, measure their impact and improve sustainability.

Together with arbnco, Arc helps building managers and owners use data to ensure a healthier, safer and more productive environment whilst meeting LEED v4.1 O+M and recertification requirements.

Arc Starter Kit

Improve your Indoor Environmental Quality with an Arc Starter Kit. 2 devices measuring: Temperature, Humidity, VOC (total, ppb), CO2 level (ppm) and Particulate Matter plus free shipping for UK and US customers.

Monitoring Indoor Environmental Quality for Arc

The arbn well service brings to Arc scalable, ubiquitous and continuous monitoring of indoor air quality, comfort and human experience metrics.


Deployed for ubiquitous and continuous monitoring

Occupier engagement

Tools to collect feedback and survey data


Platform for centralised dashboard management, automated alerts and real time visualisation

Data analytics

And reporting to inform building optimisation

User Experience

A one-click integration between the arbn well and Arc platforms provides a reliable and seamless user experience with harmonised dashboards and metrics. The integration makes it easy to automate the flow of high-quality data, saving significant time associated with manual data entry and updates.

How Arc and LEED users leverage arbn well

Building managers and owners use the data generated by arbn well to make improvements; ensure a healthier, happier and more productive environment; increase operational efficiency; and meet LEED v4.1 O+M and recertification requirements.

Through data collection and occupant feedback, arbn well supports other green building certification and reporting standards including: BREEAM, WELL, Fitwell, and RESET.

Arc and arbn well also provide solutions to streamline GRESB data collection, gap analysis and scoring. Uploading the 2019 GRESB asset spreadsheet to generate a performance score for each asset requires just 3 steps:

  • Login to Arc
  • Go to “Building,” then “My Portfolios”
  • Click “Import from GRESB”

“Our partnership with arbnco makes it faster and easier than ever for project teams to measure environmental impact, improve their performance and achieve LEED certification”

Chris Pyke

Senior Vice President, Product, Arc Skoru Inc.


faster and easier certification, re certification and reporting 


compare score for global portfolios and measure performance objectively

Gap analysis

target scoring improvement opportunities 

Stakeholder engagement

data collection tools to record human experience metrics 


Get started today

1) Create or claim a project on


2) Contact arbnco’s building performance team to design a sensing solution


3) Activate automated data streaming in arbn well


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Find out more about how arbn well fully meets the IAQ requirements of the Arc Re-entry Guidance

Download our recommended return to work guide involving four key features, helping building managers to reduce risk by following established frameworks and guidelines.

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