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“Our partnership with arbnco makes it faster and easier than ever for project teams to measure environmental impact, improve their performance and achieve LEED certification”

Chris Pyke

Senior Vice President, Product, Arc Skoru Inc.

Arc-arbnco Human Experience Bundle

    • Automatic streaming of Human Experience data to Arc for performance management and LEED certification
    • 2 arbnco AQ+ multi-sensor monitors included with subscription
    • Measure CO2, TVOC, PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10, Relative Humidity, and Temperature
    • Access arbnco’s IAQ platform on Basic Subscription Plan ($1,250 per annum)
    • Free shipping within US and UK

Monitoring Indoor Environmental Quality for Arc

The arbnco platform combines cutting edge sensor technology with intelligent data analytics to optimize Indoor Environmental Quality for healthy, high-performing and sustainable buildings.

Subscription Plan


Get started in 3 easy steps!

1. Contact arbnco to provide Arc Project ID, place order and make payment for first year subscription $1,250


2. We supply the free monitors and quick-installation guide


3. Connect to arbnco platform and start automatic streaming to Arc account





Find out more about how arbn well fully meets the IAQ requirements of the Arc Re-entry Guidance

Download our recommended return to work guide involving four key features, helping building managers to reduce risk by following established frameworks and guidelines.

How Schneider Electric used Arc and arbnco platform to achieve LEED 4.1 O+M certification