A Data-driven Indoor Air Quality Framework for Post COVID-19 Workplace Re-entry

Prepared by

Parag Rastogi, PhD, ACIBSE, MASHRAE,
Olivia Nile Sobek, PhD,
Graeme Jephson, MEng, ACIBSE,
John Allison, PhD


It is virtually certain that social interaction and accessing public places poses a risk of transmission of virus between infected persons and others. Prevailing government guidance on prevention and public health reflects this. A back to work protocol is a plan for re-populating buildings such as offices that were temporarily emptied due to the ongoing restrictions on travel and public interaction. This protocol presented here is specifically about building operation. It can help building managers reduce risk by following established frameworks and guidelines. A protocol is only as good as its implementation, which is why this one explicitly includes measurement and verification. This process will have to be iterative, and no single action alone will be enough.