arbnco partners with Arc Skoru Inc. to enhance sustainability performance platform

Building performance technology company arbnco is today announcing a new partnership with Arc Skoru Inc – a U.S. Green Building Council affiliated company – to help rate the operational performance of buildings through indoor environmental monitoring. The partnership will see the Scottish firm’s technology incorporated into Arc Skoru Inc.’s sustainability performance platform, Arc.

The addition of arbn well — arbnco’s indoor environmental monitoring software — into the Arc platform will enable Arc to take a more streamlined approach to tracking operational performance by assessing how healthy a green building is. Users of the Arc platform will be able to leverage arbn well sensors to gain access to real-time information of indoor environmental conditions, and to measure how a building is performing for its occupants.

This allows human experience to be considered equally alongside other green building parameters, such as energy and water consumption and waste generation, without requiring time-consuming manual data collection and upload.

The Arc platform is used by organisations across more than 80 countries to collect, manage, analyse, score and communicate information about the operational performance of spaces, buildings, places and entire portfolios. It provides a systematic assessment of operational performance, collecting data on different green building parameters and scoring it on a scale ranging from 0-100.

The Arc platform addresses and scores in five broad performance categories: energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience. Users can track data in these categories to understand their sustainability and operational performance, make improvements, achieve green building certification such as LEED and GRESB and guide portfolio management. Arc scoring also enables comparisons to be made on a global scale, helping to benchmark and recognise leadership in green building practices around the world.

arbn well provides real-time monitoring of the effects of the indoor environment on health and wellbeing, and enables organisations to understand how the quality of their real estate affects occupant satisfaction and productivity.

The arbn well service gathers both qualitative and quantitative data, allowing for a full assessment of human experience. High quality indoor sensors provide ubiquitous monitoring of indoor environmental conditions, such as carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, temperature and humidity. This is combined with occupant engagement to gather feedback on how they feel the building is performing in human terms.

arbn well automatically streamlines human experience data into Arc, generating scorable metrics and enabling the platform to offer a larger suite of measured performance than it currently provides. Maintaining high quality data on the human aspect of operational performance, which can be used for maintaining green building certification, will now be quicker and easier for Arc users.

“We believe performance is the future of green building, and we created Arc to help foster better buildings and places for people and the environment. Arc empowers its users to understand and enhance their sustainability performance, promote human health and well-being and contribute to a higher quality of life,” said Chris Pyke, Senior Vice President, Product, Arc Skoru Inc.

“Our partnership with arbnco and arbn well will make it faster and easier for our users to measure their indoor environmental impact, improve their performance, achieve green building certification, and most importantly, create healthier buildings for people all around the world.”

Maureen Eisbrenner, co-founder and CEO of arbnco, said:

“Promoting human health and wellbeing through the indoor environment should be on every organisation’s agenda — and increasingly, it is — as we come to fully understand the impact of the environment on issues such as absence rates, productivity and satisfaction. Up until now, however, it has been very difficult for organisations to measure how well their buildings are performing in terms of providing a healthy indoor environment. The integration of arbn well with Arc will make it easier to do that.”

We’re excited to be partnering with a world-leading organisation like Arc Skoru Inc. to recognise the role human experience plays in creating sustainable buildings. Through becoming a technology partner for delivering human experience metrics to Arc, we are helping to develop a more holistic approach to the assessment of green buildings.”

arbn well is now fully integrated into the Arc platform. You can sign up for a free demo of the platform or create an Arc project here, or find out more about designing a sensing solution and activating automated data streaming in arbn well here.  

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