Ways in which investing in arbn well will benefit your school/university:

Improve cognitive function – Recent statistics have shown that air quality can have a significant impact on our cognitive performance, even causing reduction in education levels. Worryingly, air pollution is already affecting our younger generations, particularly in schools with test scores decreasing in older, more polluted schools, according to new research.

Increased benefits from installing biophilia – Simple factors such as increased daylight and sitting near windows can have a great impact on our education. In fact, many studies have shown that optimising exposure to light can improve grades, student attendance and their speed of learning.

Why does Wellness matters to the Education sector?


A Harvard University study showed that cognitive scores were 61% higher in green building condition

Polluted air can cause everyone to reduce their level of education by 1 year


Integration of biophilia increases rates of learning by 20-25% and improves test results, concentration levels and attendance

Applicable Environment Monitoring system

Our sensors are small, battery-powered and non-intrusive.

The following parameters are measured:

• Temperature (of air, dry-bulb, oC)

• Humidity (relative, %)

• Light level (lx)

• CO2 level (ppm)

• PM 1, 2.5, 10 (μg/m3)

• VOC (total, ppb)



Enhanced learning performance through improved ventilation and comfort


Monitoring and reduction of pollutants 


Reduced absenteeism

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