A user friendly interface

The web platform is designed to highlight actions and alerts. It displays real-time data and summary statistics and allows the user to identify trouble spots, explore likely causes for complaints, view alerts, and change settings.

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Data visualisation with informative maps and graphs 


Seamless integration with international standards and certifications


Parameter alerts – triggered when a measured parameter, such as temperature or CO2, exceeds a customised threshold


App integrated 

Interactive App to collect occupant feedback

The app allows the user to select the nearest sensor and provide anonymised feedback on perception and preferences about the environment.

Building occupants interact with the system through our app, which can be accessed from a mobile phone, pc, or other device.

This allows for a unique bidirectional interaction between the building and occupants to maximise satisfaction and wellbeing.



  • Summarises long-term performance

  • Actionable insights from data

  • Generated automatically

  • Multi-stakeholder relevance


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